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An overview of Hardware Funds in The Layer

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The hardware fund

A hardware fund can be given to a customer in order to provide a discount on hardware sales.

Adding a hardware fund to a quote

The sales team can add the hardware fund at the quote stage for a product the customer has not decided on yet.

To add a hardware fund value to the quote, click on the respective field in the financial summary on the right.

The hardware fund will automatically reduce the deal profit in the quote.

Before adding a hardware fund, the deal profit value is £331.05, and the hardware fund is £0.00.

In this example, we have added £100.00 to the hardware fund.

  • Adding a Hardware fund has deducted the Deal profit by £100.00 to £231.05. This value is exclusive of VAT

Approval Rules for Hardware funds

Approval rules can be triggered when a hardware fund is added to a quote. Follow this article to understand and apply approval rules.

A quote template can include details of the hardware fund in the financial summary.

Quotation to sales order conversion

After conversion to sales order, the hardware fund value can be adjusted by the provisioning team, depending on their permissions. This can be done on the sales order record under the Header tab.

Sales order to customer balance conversion

Once the sales order is processed and order items are converted to assets, any funds that were allocated to the order will convert to customer balances.

The Sales Order Asset Conversion screen gives you a breakdown of the assets, and the hardware fund is displayed under the Financial Elements column.

Converting to asset takes you back to the customer record.

The customer balance now reflects the hardware fund (exclusive of VAT). This hardware fund balance can now be used to purchase any hardware.

Note: All fund values are excluding VAT unless your instance has VAT on Funds enabled.

Each transaction is logged in the Finance tab in the customer record.

How to pay for hardware using the hardware fund

We apply the Hardware fund as an offset to an invoice (exc. VAT).

If you want to adjust the hardware fund to pay for any physical stock items per the customer's request, use the available hardware fund balance to offset the invoice.

Note that this is the overall balance, and is not locked into any deal. Follow our article on the process of how to apply a fund offset.

Note: The amount you can apply is limited by the invoice total as well as the fund balance. Also, the fund offset does not apply to users whose instance of The Layer has VAT on Funds enabled.

Hardware Fund payments (Inc. VAT)

The hardware fund payment can be chosen if the customer has a Hardware fund available. If you have VAT on funds enabled, apply the hardware fund as a payment by following this article.

How and why to add the Hardware Fund prematurely

Depending on permission provided, the provisioning or finance team can apply hardware funds to the customer balance prematurely while processing a Sales Order. Read this article to add the fund prematurely.

How to add and deduct Customer funds via new transactions

As a Finance user, you can apply the HFW within a customer record by selecting the new transactions option from the Sales dropdown. There are five different customer fund types that you can select from. To understand how this works click here.

Reports for new transactions and account balances

The All-Transactions report shows all customer transactions, including hardware funds and LRS. The All Transactions by Sub Company, shows all customer transactions, including hardware fund and the Line Rental Summary (split by Sub Company). To view, these reports follow the article here.

Widgets for financial summary or exposure

The Financial Exposure Summary widget details the hardware fund for the month excluding VAT and the VAT value.

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