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Making a payment on an invoice
Making a payment on an invoice

A quick guide on applying a payment to a finalised invoice

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Invoice payments

Invoice payments in The Layer are recorded against specific items.

To apply a payment, select the relevant item or items and click + Payment or Record Payment.

Invoices must be in Finalised state before payments can be applied.

The New Invoice Payment window lets you attribute specific amounts to each line. It will default to the full outstanding balance of each line, but you can amend this as appropriate.


The quantity helper shown below lets you select a quantity of items to be paid for, and calculates the correct amount for that quantity.

Select the desired Payment Type and enter any your Reference, plus any Remarks.

Payments may also be backdated if required.


Click the Existing tab for a summary of payments already made against that invoice.

Paying from a fund - Users with VAT on Funds enabled

Please note that if you have VAT on Funds enabled in your instance, you should apply hardware fund payments as a payment using the process above.

Just select the appropriate fund as your Payment Method.

Note for Sage 200 Integration Users

If you have sage 200 integration enabled, these payments will sync with Sage 200 as receipts. You can then allocate these to Sage invoices. If you do not currently have this feature and are interested in in please talk to your account manager for further information.


Credit Notes and Hardware Fund Offsets

You can also apply credit notes or hardware funds to an invoice.

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