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Logging credit card payments on The Layer via general fund
Logging credit card payments on The Layer via general fund

How to easily log credit card transactions in The Layer8

Written by Michaela Gormanova
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Using the general fund to make credit card payments

Credit card payments can be recorded on The Layer by making use of the General Fund.

  • You should have a signed quote for the deal.

  • A quotation being signed will convert the lead to customer, if it was not already.

  • You can take card payment from customer with PDQ as normal.

The transaction can be logged before the invoice has been raised, by adding the amount to the customer's general fund. The balance will sit here until the invoice is raised, and can be used as the source of funds when the invoice payment is logged.

Customer Record -> Sales -> New Transaction

Select Credit (+) and General Fund

Select the desired sub company. Enter the amount paid and the card authorisation reference.

This amount will then show in the Customer Balances widget.

Adding the card payment to an invoice on The Layer

Once the invoice has been raised you can use the general fund to make a payment against that invoice

Go to the invoice and click Record Payment.

Select General Fund as the Payment Method and enter the reference and remarks as required.

What to do if the invoice is created via a different accounting or billing platform

If your invoice will be created via Sage or any other billing platform, then you will need to reduce the general fund on The Layer manually. To do this, click Sales -> New Transaction

Select Debit (-) and General Fund to deduct the funds that are still available for the customer.

Add the invoice reference number into notes for easier reconciliation.

And Save.

This will update your general fund accordingly.

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