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How to apply hardware fund prematurely
How to apply hardware fund prematurely

Another way to attribute hardware funds to an order

Written by Michaela Gormanova
Updated over a week ago

Use the option to apply hardware fund to customer balance prematurely, if the customer has made a decision on which hardware they want to purchase, while processing the sales order with hardware fund allocated to it.

To do this use the option 'Apply Prematurely'.

This is a permission based function, enable this permission for users that should be able to allocate fund before converting the sales order:

Premature Hardware Fund Attribution

Click 'Apply Prematurely' button

You will then be presented by the following window:

Type in the value you would like to convert to customer balance. It can be a part of the hardware fund provided or full amount, depending on the customer requirement.

Then click 'Apply'.

Customer balance before the fund attribution:

Customer balance after the fund attribution:

Once the full hardware fund value has been converted to customer record the remaining value is updated and therefore nobody will be able to apply additional hardware fund by mistake.

All the transactions can be viewed in the customer record against Finance tab.

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