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Creating a marketing campaign - Follow-up campaign elements
Creating a marketing campaign - Follow-up campaign elements

Ensure campaign emails are followed up on

Written by Raymond Carrel
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Follow-up tasks are an optional campaign element, allowing you to ensure that your users can follow through with any leads that emerge from the campaign.

They do this by creating either Phone Call Tasks or Reminder Tasks that can distributed between selected users, prompting them to get in touch with

For a reminder on adding elements to your campaign, check this article.

Configuring a follow-up campaign element

Once a follow-up campaign element has been added to a campaign, you can start specifying the details.

To do so, click on the campaign element name, or the Manage button.

Select the email campaign element to follow up on.

Then, set a name for the tasks that will be created and assigned to your users.

Thirdly, check the box for the users to whom you'd like to assign the tasks.

Phone call tasks - Record owner assignment option

For follow-up phone call tasks, the Lead/Customer Owner option offers an alternative assignment option. If this is checked, phone call tasks will be assigned to the owner of the lead or customer record.

If you check the box for any additional names, tasks for ownerless leads or customers will be assigned to those users.

Click Save, and you'll be presented with a list of entities for which a task will be created. You can see a preview of the assignee for each task here.

Phone call tasks - Additional assignment option

The final drop-down lets you choose between two options regarding task creation:

  • One Per Contact - create a task for each recipient

  • One Per Parent Record, Default or First - create one task only for each customer and lead record

Please note that a task will be created for every recipient or record, regardless of whether or not the email was opened.

The task name can be used for filtering to find all tasks for a given campaign. This can be ideal for arranging calling sessions.


You can check and amend the scheduled date and time for the reminders to be created from the main Configuration tab on the campaign record.

Auto means that the tasks will be created as soon as the selected time passes.

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