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Creating a marketing campaign - Email recipients
Creating a marketing campaign - Email recipients

There are a number of tools that can help you manage the recipients for your campaign email

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The Recipients section of an email campaign component lets you manage the list of contacts who will receive the email.

Contacts can be added via a few different methods:

  • Manual addition

  • Load from a work stack / batch set browser

  • Load from a contacts list

  • Load from another email campaign

  • Import from a spreadsheet

The following fields are present for each contact:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Company Name

  • Email address

  • Source - if the contact was pulled from a stack (see below), this will let you know which one

  • Unsubscribed - This is used to track users who have elected to unsubscribe from your communications

  • GDPR - This is used to track the opt-in / opt-out preference of the user for communications from your business, if known

Adding recipients

There are several ways to add new recipients. You can mix and match these to curate the list that you need - for example, loading contacts from a stack will not replace any contacts that you already added.

A note on GDPR and contact work stacks

The Layer offers the ability to store GDPR-related preferences for lead and customer contacts.

This allows recipients to update their preferences by clicking a link on an email that you have sent to them. It also allows you to make sure that you do not send any emails to contacts who have opted out.

In order to make use of this in marketing campaigns, you must use work stacks as the source of contacts for the campaign. The reason for this is that other methods of adding recipients do not tie in to stored lead and customer contacts.

Because of this, we recommend using work stacks to manage your campaign recipient lists wherever possible.

Manual addition

Click + Add new record to manually add contacts one at a time. The Source column will not be used.

Click on the tick on the right-side to add the contact.

Load from stack

You can select a work stack to import contacts from. This will pull contacts from the records in that stack. This doesn't need to be from a contacts stack. Most stack types are supported - contacts will be pulled from the relevant contact, lead or customer record.

You may choose to filter on the contact flags Primary, Decision Maker, or Influencer. Alternatively, you may wish to simply import All Contacts.

Load from list

Email Lists let you save a set of contacts so that they can be reused for campaigns.

Lists can be created and managed from the left-side menu in the Marketing module.

Load from previous mail

This is used for campaigns with multiple email elements. You can copy recipients from one email element to another.


The Import button in the bottom-left corner of the screen lets you import contacts from a CSV file.

The file must have a header row, and contain values for first and last names, email address, and company name.

Select your file, then click Continue. Select the corresponding column for each of the four fields. Then Click Create.

You'll be shown a preview of the contacts that will be recreated. Click to proceed if these look OK.

Managing recipients

Above the list of contacts are buttons that will help you manage your recipients.

Remove Duplicates will check for any duplicated addresses and remove any duplicates. We advise that you perform this operation.

Remove Unsubscribes will remove any addresses from which an unsubscribe request has previously been received - for example, from a previous campaign email. We advise that you perform this operation.

Remove Opt-Out will remove any addresses for which an opt-out request has previously been received. This will only work for contacts pulled from customer and lead records via a work stack. We advise that you perform this operation.

Remove Opt-In will remove any addresses for which an opt-in request has previously been received.

Remove Not Responded remove any addresses for which no opt-in or opt-out response has been received.

Editing and removing recipients

You can remove the Delete Selected / Delete All buttons to bulk remove recipients. The pencil and X icons on the right-most column will let you edit or delete individual ones.

Please note that any amendments made to contact details will apply to this email only, and will not be reflected against the contact record.

All fields can be edited apart from Source, which shows the source work stack for each contact, where applicable.

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