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Creating a marketing campaign
Creating a marketing campaign

A brief guide on how to create a new campaign

Written by Raymond Carrel
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What makes a campaign?

Marketing campaigns let you reach existing and prospective customers with customised email content. This could be for sales purposes, service updates, or a range of other reasons.

Before creating a campaign, it is important to first understand the components that comprise it.

A campaign is made up from one or more elements. There are three types of campaign element:

  • Email

  • Phone call follow-up task

  • Reminder follow-up task

Email elements

Email elements are the key components of a marketing campaign.

An email campaign element is composed primarily of an email template, which defines the content and layout of the email. Stock templates are provided. Bespoke templates can be defined in Settings. These are defined in HTML.

Follow-up task elements

Follow-up task elements let you create phone call or reminder tasks for yourself or other users. These tasks will be added to each user's planner so that they can follow up on campaign emails.

Tasks will be created for each recipient in the selected campaign element's recipient list, and split evenly between users of your choosing.

Creating a campaign

Create a new campaign by opening the Marketing module and clicking on the Create Campaign button on the left side.

You'll be presented with the New Campaign form.

The Campaign Title will be the name of the whole campaign, which could contain multiple email elements.

The Mission Statement should summarise the purpose of the campaign.

You should leave the Status at the default status of Open.

The Target Completion Date can be populated as required.

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