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Monitoring the impact of your marketing campaign with marketing reporting
Monitoring the impact of your marketing campaign with marketing reporting

You can check how your users interacted with your Layer marketing campaigns with this tool

Written by Raymond Carrel
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There are a number of ways to monitor the impact of a marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Opens widget

This widget can be added to your dashboard for easy monitoring of campaign email opens across multiple campaigns. It will show how many times a campaign email is opened.

You can choose a date range that suits you, for longer- or shorter-term monitoring.

Widgets can be added from the menu in the top-right of the dashboard. If it is not available, or you would like a copy made with a particular date filter, this can be enabled by an administrator.

All Campaign Open Activity report

This report details details of all email opens for all marketing campaigns.

The following information is included:

  • Campaign Name

  • Opened Date

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Company Name

  • IP Address

This can be easily filtered to show details for a specific campaign.

Campaign report

If you've sent out a marketing campaign from the Marketing module, you can view a report that will detail the following information:

• Number of open clicks
• Number of forward clicks
• Number of links clicked
• Who the recipients were
• Number of unsubscribes

Once the campaign has been processed, you can click on the Report button to access this feature.

The information will be shown across the Opens, Links, Forwards, Unsubscribes, and Recipients tabs.

Tasks tab - Customer and Lead records

If your campaign recipients were added from a work stack, campaign email tasks will be created against the lead or customer record.

There will be one for each recipient with an email address that matches one of the contacts belonging to the lead or customer.

Campaign-created tasks will show a green envelope icon. The number against this icon shows the number of times that the recipient of that email task opened the email.

Please note that these values update daily - they should not be used as a real-time indicator.

You can mouse over the icon to see more information:

  • Campaign name

  • Campaign element name

  • Opens for this users

  • Opens for all users

  • Number of times campaign links were clicked for all users

  • Number of times the email was forwarded by all users

  • Number of unsubscribes from all users for the campaign

These numbers are based on the Campaign Report figures.

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