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Creating a marketing campaign - Designing the email
Creating a marketing campaign - Designing the email

Information on defining the content of a campaign email

Written by Raymond Carrel
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For each email campaign element within a marketing campaign, you'll be able to customise an HTML document that will form its content and style.

From within a campaign email element, click on Design & Customise to start designing the email.

The next screen is where you'll determine the subject and content of the email.

The left-side frame lets you select a pre-defined template as a base. Clicking on one will load the template into the main frame, as below.

You can edit the content in the main frame directly. Simple text formatting tools are provided, as well as some other basic tools, such as tables, hyperlinks, and images.

Editing and adding HTML directly

The </> button lets you access the HTML itself. If you are familiar with using HTML, you can use this to make edits and add elements.

If you have been supplied with HTML from another source, you can use paste this in here.

Using snippets to pull information from contact, lead, and customer records

Snippets are placeholder text that will be dynamically replaced by information specific to that recipient - such as names, addresses, and company names.

These can be added from the snippet menu.

Compliance snippets

Some snippets can instead be used to show links and options related to compliance, unsubscribe requests, and other functions

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