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Creating a marketing campaign - Campaign elements
Creating a marketing campaign - Campaign elements

Define the campaign elements before adding the detail

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Upon creating a new marketing campaign, you must first define its overall structure by choosing which elements that will comprise it. You must enter at least one element, but you can add number combination of the following:

  • Email

  • Phone call follow-up task

  • Reminder follow-up task

Email elements are at the core of a campaign. They determine the content and design of the campaign, as well as the audience.

Follow-up tasks are an optional element, allowing you to ensure that your users can follow through with any leads that emerge from the campaign.

You may only need a single email element. For an on-going campaign, you may want to add multiple email elements that span a period of time, potentially with follow-up tasks in between.

At this stage, you will be specifying only the key properties of each element. More detail will be added to each one afterwards.

All elements have the following properties:

  • Element Name

  • Element type

    • Email, phone call task, or reminder task

  • Date

    • This is the earliest date and time at which the element will be sent

  • Element cost

    • An optional field to allow you to record the cost of each element to your business

  • Auto

    • If enabled, the element will be triggered automatically as long as it is ready, and the date has passed

The Total Cost will be automatically calculated based on the individual elements. You should also enter the Target Completion Date as required.

Click Save once you've populated these details. They can all be amended later, if required.

You'll then be asked if you want to work with your campaign. Clicking yes will take you to the campaign record, and the Overview tab, which will summarise the campaign elements as below.

Editing the campaign configuration

You can access the Configuration tab to view and amend the values that were entered during creation. You can add, edit, or remove elements here, too.

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