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Duplicating a quote

Information on copying a quote, and the options available

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

You may, at times, find it useful to make a copy of a quotation. For example:

  • A previously expired quotation may become relevant again

  • A customer may want to reorder something that was ordered before

  • You may wish to sell a similar deal to multiple customers

This will be especially useful for large, complex orders.

The Duplicate function, which is accessible from any quotation, allows you to copy a quotation and make any required changes. The Duplicate button is located in the top-right of the quote window, as shown below.

You can see the same icon at the end of the Quotes grid:

Clicking either of these will open a new window, allowing you to choose between two main options.

  • This Record - use this if you want to use the same lead or customer as the original quote.

  • Another Record - use this if you want to copy the quote to another lead or customer.

Duplication to same record

The Opportunity field lets you select an opportunity to associate with the new quote. By default, the original quote's opportunity will be selected. Use the [+] button to create a new opportunity.

You can also select or create another Contact, Shipping Address, or Billing Address.

What will be copied to the new quote?

Quotes will be copied with all item and quote details, including:

  • Pricing

  • Discounts

  • Funds

  • Profit adjustments

  • Site overrides

  • Linked assets

  • Deal termination

What will not be copied to the new quote?

Leases will not be copied or auto-created since these are specific to an individual quotation. However, you can create a new lease using the items on the new quote.

Duplication to another lead or customer

Copying a quotation to another lead or customer will only copy the products and services on the quote. This includes item-level discounts.

Quotation-level elements, such as funds, profit adjustments, and linked assets will not be copied, due to their customer-specific nature.

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