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Setting a quote as Dominant

Quotes can be set as dominant manually or automatically

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Quotations can be marked as dominant to indicate that they are the primary / leading quotation for a particular opportunity. Dominant quotations will be preferred over non-dominant non-won quotations for various reports and work stacks.

A quotation will be marked as dominant when it is won. Dominant status can also be manually set by clicking on the star ⭐icon on a quotation record.

Automatically set first quotation created as dominant

It's also possible to have the first quotation created within an opportunity be marked as the dominant one automatically.

This is enabled via a system-wide customisation in Settings - Company Setup - Customisations.

Please note that this is a helper only, and users should still follow process and ensure that they are managing their quotations correctly.

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