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Placing customers on hold

How to place a customer on hold, with the option to place restrictions on any new deals

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

You may wish to place a customer record on hold in order to prevent any further deals being created for them.

A few options are provided to let you control the restrictions placed on customers that are on-hold.

Warnings can be enabled to make sure your users are made aware of a customer's hold status. Further restrictions can be implemented to ensure that no new opps, quotes, or sales orders are accidentally created.

Required user role

The user role Allow Customer Credit Limit Changes is required to be able to put a customer on hold.

Placing a customer on hold

From a customer record's Home tab you can check the Account on Hold box to place the customer on hold.

For users of some of our integrations, this status may instead be synchronised from the linked system. See the section below for details.

Customer warnings

You can enable a warning message against any customer records that are on hold. This will notify your users of the customer's hold status without blocking any actions.

This can be enabled from Settings - Company Setup under the Finance tab.

Note that users of our integrations may also be presented with the option to use the synced record's hold status instead.

Restrict sales to customers on hold

You may wish to prevent your users from creating any or all of these records for customers that are on hold:

  • Opportunities

  • Quotations

  • Sales Orders

These options are disabled by default, but can be enabled system-wide from Settings - Company Setup, in the Customisations tab.

  • Disable Sales Order Creation for On Hold Customers

  • Disable Opportunity Creation for On Hold Customers

  • Disable Quotation Creation for On Hold Customers

Enabling one of these options will restrict the creation of new records of that type for any customers that are on hold. This will affect all users.

Users will be able to continue working with existing records.

Users may not duplicate quotations if the target customer record is on hold. Users may duplicate quotations from customers on hold to another customer record.

Restrict actions on existing quotes

Two additional settings are available that relate to quotations. These will affect what can be done when a customer was placed on hold after a quotation was already created.

Disable Quotation Production for On Hold Customers

  • This will grey out the Produce button on the quotation record.

Disable Quotation Signature for On Hold Customers

  • If a quotation has already been sent out, and the customer tries to digitally sign the quotation, they will see a message as below:

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