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Why has my quotation signature failed?
Why has my quotation signature failed?

Find information here on events that may prevent quotation signing

Written by Raymond Carrel
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After a quotation has been converted to PDF and sent to a customer, it will remain valid for signing until one of the following conditions occur:

1. The quotation expires

In order to rectify this, extend the validity period of the quotation by clicking on "Configure" and changing the "Valid Until" date on the quotation.

2. It is updated or saved

If you attempt to update or save a quotation which has already been sent to a customer, you will be prompted that any save will invalidate all quotations already sent. This is required in order to match up the static contents of the PDF with the lines in the quotation.

3. The profitability values change between sending and acceptance

If the profitability changes, a yellow triangle will be shown beside the profitability area of the affected product or services. Just hit regulate on the quotation screen to grab the new profitability values and re-send the quotation.

If the product has been removed from sale, the line will be highlighted in red and can be removed and replaced with an alternative line item.

4. The customer signs the quotation

If the customer signs the quotation, it cannot be signed again and a message will be shown to the user.

5. It is withdrawn by the user from the "Pending" menu of the sales screen

By clicking on the list of pending quotations and removing the most recent (active) from the list, you are in effect withdrawing this version of the quotation.

Error Codes

A full list of error codes can be found below. These are sent to the quotation owner after a failed signature is detected to ensure the customer can be contacted in order to rectify this.


The quotation couldn't be retrieved.


The quotation couldn't be signed as the validity period has expired or it is not valid.


The quotation couldn't be signed as profitability has changed since it was sent.


The quotation couldn't be signed as the signatory's network address could not be retrieved.


The quotation couldn't be signed as the signature name was not provided.


The quotation couldn't be signed as the signature company was not provided.


The quotation couldn't be signed as the associated asset could not be retrieved.


The quotation couldn't be signed due to an unknown reason. Please escalate to the development team.


The quotation couldn't be signed as there is already one or more signatures for this quotation.


A valid quotation couldn't be retrieved.


The signee did not accept the required terms and conditions required to fulfil this order.

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