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Customer Direct Debit set-up during quotation sign
Customer Direct Debit set-up during quotation sign

You can ask for bank details and a signed DD mandate at the point of quotation signature

Written by Raymond Carrel
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The Direct Debit add-on offers a way to incorporate Direct Debit sign-up into the lead or customer's quotation sign process.

When enabled, the lead or customer will be asked to provide or confirm their bank details. These will then be merged into a customisable Direct Debit mandate form.

These bank details are stored, encrypted, against the lead or customer record. Only users with a specific user role can see the full details.

Mandate are attached to the relevant quotation record, where they can be picked up for processing.

The Direct Debit process can be enabled for individual quotation templates.

Direct Debit setup during quotation sign

This section covers the Direct Debit sign-up from the lead or customer's perspective.

When the recipient clicks the link to sign the quotation online, they are presented with the quotation sign page. Here, they will have to confirm that they agree with any relevant terms and conditions.

Clicking on Continue will take them to the Direct Debit Setup screen.

If bank details are already stored on the lead or customer record, these will be automatically populated. Details will be partially masked.

These can be changed if the Add New Account button is used. In this case, the existing details will still be stored in The Layer, but the new details will become the defaults.

In any case, the person filling out the form must confirm that they have the authorisation to do so.

Clicking on Continue will lead to a screen showing the Direct Debit mandate. This will be populated with the bank details entered - these will be masked, as a copy of the mandate will be saved on The Layer. The default address of the customer or lead will be used in the first field.

Upon clicking Continue, the user will be shown a prompt as below.

If they click Continue again, they will be taken to the quotation sign screen, where they can sign and accept the quote. This form includes a message that confirms that the signature will be applied to two signature points - the quote and the Direct Debit.

Option to skip mandate sign

You can exclude the Direct Debit sign-up process from specific quotations without having to use a different output template.

To do this, check the box next to Skip Direct Debit Setup if Configured on the quotation record before producing or reproducing the quotation.

Direct Debit mandate on quotation record

When the lead or customer signs the quote, a copy of the signed Direct Debit mandate will be attached to the quotation, alongside a copy of the signed quote.

Clicking on the Direct Debit Details button will open the file in PDF format.

At this point, the mandate can be picked up for processing.

Viewing stored bank details

From a customer or lead record, you can view stored bank details by clicking on Bank Details under the Manage menu.

The account details will be partially masked unless you have the user role "Access Encrypted Bank Account Details".

This can be enabled from Settings - Users.

With this role, you will see a list of all details that have been entered via the Direct Debit form, plus any that may have been entered manually.

The user role also allows you to delete and edit stored details. You can change which details are the Default details.

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