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Adding Direct Debit sign-up to quotation sign process
Adding Direct Debit sign-up to quotation sign process

How to add Direct Debit sign-up to the quote sign process, and customise the mandate

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Enabling the Direct Debit configuration

The Direct Debit feature must first be enabled for your instance of The Layer. Please speak to your account manager if you are interested.

The Direct Debit configuration process can be enabled for specific quotation templates. This is done from Settings - Output Templates.

Select the quote template, and check the box next to Enable Direct Debit Configuration.

Even if an output template is Direct Debit-enabled, the sign process can be skipped on an individual quotation basis - see here for details.

Customising the Direct Debit mandate form

It's possible to replace the standard mandate form with your own, by configuring an HTML template.

This template will determine the layout and visuals of the form. This template can then be associated with an existing quotation template.

When a quotation is produced using that quotation template, the associated Direct Debit mandate template will be used during the sign process.

Creating a new Direct Debit mandate template

From Settings - Output Templates you can see a list of all HTML templates in your instance of The Layer.

Select New Output Template to begin creating a template.

For general information on working with output templates, check this article.

Check the Direct Debit Compatible box. This indicates that the template can be used as the basis for a Direct Debit mandate.

Click Save and the Pages tab will appear. This is where you can add existing pages to the template.

If you already have a template page configured, you can add it to the template by dragging the page entry from the Excluded list to the Included list.

Alternatively, use the New Page button to create a new page, then add it as above.

Key DD-related snippets include:

  • $$quote_ref$$

  • $$bank_account_name$$

  • $$customer_name$$

  • $$company_name$$

  • $$bank_building_society_account_number$$

  • $$branch_sort_code$$

  • $$quote_address$$

  • $$postal_bank_building_address$$

To include the quotation signature image and sign date, use the following HTML:

  • <span><!--SIG:IMAGE--></span>

  • <span><!--SIG:DATE--></span>

Assigning the mandate template to a quotation template

From Settings - Output Templates, locate and open the desired quotation template. Ensure that Quotation Compatible and Enable Direct Debit Configuration are checked.

This indicates that the quotes created from this template will include the Direct Debit sign process as part of the quote sign process.

The Direct Debit Template dropdown will be present. From this, you can select from any of the templates that are marked as Direct Debit Compatible.

Unsetting this selection will cause quotes using this template to revert back to the generic Direct Debit mandate.

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