When creating quotations, it's important to keep the status up to date using the "Configure" tab within the quotation builder.

You can also define whether the quotation is dominant within the opportunity by toggling the dominant flag at the top right hand corner of the quotation builder.

There are also several points during the sales lifecycle where quotation status is updated automatically:

1. When a quotation is sent to a user via e-mail task

An option to email the quotation to the customer is presented during the production process. Upon clicking this and entering onto the "Email Quotation" screen, the quotation status will be updated to "Quoted" by default. If a user decides to download the quotation manually and send outwith The Layer, the quotation status must be updated manually by the user using the "Configure" button on the quotation builder.

2. When a quotation is signed by a customer

Upon receiving an online signature, the quotation status automatically changes to "Won" and will be visible in the "Quotations Pending Conversion" stack or automatically processed, depending on your company's configuration settings.

Workflow can also be applied to quotations in order to change status. This can be arranged upon request by contacting our technical services team.

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