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Locking quotations from Approval Manager
Locking quotations from Approval Manager

This feature allows for quotations to be locked at the point of approval

Written by Raymond Carrel
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The quotation locking feature is included as part of the Approval Manager add-on. It allows quote approvers to lock quotations at the point of approval, preventing users from making amendments post-approval.

This helps maintain the integrity of approved quotations, and prevent unmonitored changes.

Locked quotes

When a quote is locked, many parts of it cannot be changed. Generally speaking, any changes that would change the financials of a quote will be blocked.

Users who open a locked quotation will see a banner stating that the quote is locked.

Locked actions

When a quoted is locked, no changes can be made on the Home tab of the quote.

This includes:

  • Line items

    • Editing, addition, or removal

  • Funding changes*

  • Regulation

  • Any other changes to values in the panel on the right-hand side

*Users with the Funding Administrator role will be able to change fund amounts.

Permitted actions

Data Capture amendments can still be made, if quotation-level Data Capture is enabled.

Changes may still be made to the Edit tab.

This includes changes to:

  • Addresses

  • Owner

  • Templates

Changes can be made to fields on this tab, as they do not directly affect financials.

Changes from quotation work stacks

Note that quote locking also restricts certain actions from a quotation work stack. You can see which quotes are locked, as they will have a lock icon next to their status.

The following actions will be blocked from a work stack:

  • Regulate Lines

  • +Pipeline

  • -Pipeline

Locking a quotation

Locking takes place during the quotation approval process, in the Approval Manager tool.

This means that users can approve a quote in the state that it is presented, but ensure that no material changes are made to it post-approval.

When approving a quotation, approvers will see the Quotation Lock checkbox in the Approve Breach window.

Approving the quote with this box checked will lock the quote.

Users will be unable to amend the quote in this state. Depending on your system configuration, they may be presented with the option to request unlock. This is covered below.

There is a user role that allows specific users to manually unlock a quotation. This role is called Unlock Quotation.

A user with this role will see the option to unlock the quote.

You may wish to enable this role for all quote approvers, although the role is not innately tied to approver accounts.

Check "Quotation Lock" box by default

In Settings - Company Settings - Customisations there is an option to have the Quotation Lock box be checked by default when approving a quotation.

Updating a locked quotation

Quotations will generally be approved and locked on the assumption that they are ready to send to customers.

However, if a quote is approved, but it then transpires that changes are required, there are two main options.

Quote unlock request

A system-wide company setting is offered that enables or disables unlock requests.

If this is enabled, users who do not have the Unlock Quotation role will see the request unlock link on locked quotes.

If this is clicked, an email will be sent to any users with the Unlock Quotation user role. This email contains a link to the quote in question.

Quote duplication (no unlock request)

It may be preferable that, in the event that a locked quote must be changed, the quote owner duplicates the quote and amends that copy, instead of updating the original.

If this option suits your organisation, the Enable Unlock Request for Locked Quotations option may be disabled.

Quotations can be duplicated using the icon in the top-right of the quotation record.

Duplicated quotes can be amended and re-submitted for approval.

Quote locking and unlocking audit

Whenever a quote is locked or unlocked, it will be logged in the Audit Trail, accessible from Settings - Audit Trail.

The quotation note that is added when a quote is approved will also state that the quotation was locked.

Unlocking a quotation will also create a note.

Funding changes

Users with the user role Funding Administrator will be able to make changes to the fund amounts on a quotation, even if it is locked.

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