Configuring quotation authorisation

An optional feature that can provide more control over quotations

Written by Raymond Carrel
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Enabling the quotation authorisation feature

Quotation authorisation must be enabled system-wide from Settings - Company Setup - Quotation & Sales.

Enabling quotation authorisation for a user

There are two user roles relating to quote authorisation. Administrators can access these from Settings - Users - <user> - Roles.

Quotation Authoriser

The user can authorise quotations

Quotation Authorise Override

The user can create quotations that do not require authorisation

Setting up notification emails

Notification mails can be used to make users aware of quotations requiring authorisation

Mapping email templates

Email templates must be mapped to the following events:

  • Quotation Authorisation Request

  • Quotation Authorisation Granted

  • Quotation Authorisation Declined

This can be configured from Settings - Quotation Authorisation Email Templates.

HTML templates are assigned to each event. The dropdowns will show all HTML templates. If you do not have templates configured, please speak to your representative at The Layer.

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