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Understanding widgets: Duplicating the Sales Order Leaderboard
Understanding widgets: Duplicating the Sales Order Leaderboard
Written by Michaela Gormanova
Updated over a week ago

Within the Layer users are able to utilise the widgets to see a snapshot of information regarding different areas of the Layer. The Sales Order Leaderboard has been created to allow you to see a snapshot of the statuses of your sales order.

Users have the ability to duplicate these to allow them to see different sales order statuses examples include:

  • Your ordering team wants to see In Progress Sales Orders

  • Your Finance Team may only want to see sales orders that are completed or require invoicing

  • The Sales Manager wants to see all sales order pending approval

  • The Ordering and Finance team want to see all orders cancelled in the last month

As you can see Sales Order Leaderboard widgets can be created for each of the statuses or a combination of statuses and can be used by different departments within your company to see the information that is important to them.

This article will show you how to create widgets for different scenarios depending on what your Teams need.

How do I duplicate the Sales Order Leaderboard widget?

1. Press the

button to navigate to the settings menu

2. Select Widgets from within the Widgets section:

3. You now navigate to the All Widgets menu

4. From here you will see the widget titled "Completed Sales Order Leaderboard"

and beside that there is a button within the Duplicate column:

5. Pressing the duplicate button will populate the Duplicate Widget window and from here you will be able to select the sales order statuses that you wish to be applied to the duplicate widget. As you can see in our example we have selected statuses that show all sales orders that are currently in progress:

Can I create a leaderboard widget for each status?

Yes, you don't have to select multiple statuses you can simply click one at a time, be sure to rename the leaderboard appropriately so you're able to track the different statuses.

How do I see the widget?

If you are the user who created the widget then it will automatically be visible within your widgets list on your dashboard. Simply apply your widget to your dashboard by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the Dashboard

2. Press Widgets

3. From the list of widgets locate the widget you have just duplicated

4. Enable the widget by ensuring the check box is ticked

5. Choose your widget position i.e. left, right or full

6. Press

to ensure the widget is saved to your Dashboard

Once your widget has been loaded to your dashboard you will be able to view the widget:

How do users see the widget?

In order to see the widget on their dashboard users must have the widget applied to any widget group(s) associated to their account. To apply it to the widget group follow these steps:

1. Press the

button to navigate to the settings menu

2. Select Dashboard Widget Groups from within the Widgets section:

3. You will then be navigated to the All Dashboard Widget Groups menu, where you will be able to see all widget groups that have been created:

4. Click on the name of the appropriate widget group to navigate to that widget group

5. Click on the Widgets tab and you will be presented with a list of all available widgets:

6. Any widgets that have been enabled will have a tick beside their name, this means that they will be available to any users who have this group applied to their user account.

7. Locate the duplicate widget you have created and ensure you enable it by adding a tick to the widget:

8. Once you have done this press

to save the change

Any users who have this widget group will now be able to load the duplicated widget to their dashboard.

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