How to create a new base category

To create a new base category in your instance go to Settings and in Inventory settings click on Product Categories

You will be presented with the following screen

Here you can amend your existing base categories or create a new one.

To create a new base category click on New product category

Add new product category name and if this is a new base category make sure you keep the parent as a root category (as per our example below)

You will be presented with the following screen, where you can set up details of your new base category

Now we will need to set up your service core fields, product core fields, stock metadata and quotation builder choice.

1. Service core fields

By Enabling each fields you will make the field amendable in the service edit screen. See examples below:

When you select the field to show in the Grid, this will be visible in customer record in assets tab:

When you select the field to show in the Sales Order, this will be visible in the data capture:

Label each field with the term you are used to using. For example instead of MSISDN you can rename it to CTN.

2. Service custom fields

Promote custom fields, which will be visible in every service asset. If you want to capture specific information against assets and these should be visible to all users, promote them for each base category here:

For example log in details for selected user, account numbers, user names and more.

3. Product Core Fields

The same rules apply here as per the service core fields. With only one exception: When you enable the grid view for specific field, this will show in the asset grid and data capture.

4. Product custom fields

The same rule again applies here as per the service custom fields. These fields would only show in product assets

5. Stock Metadata

By enabling these fields you will be able to capture extra information when booking stock in. For example, colour or memory size on the handset.

These fields will be visible in the stock movement session when booking the stock in

and in stock stacks

6. Quotation Builder

This part is very important as the setting of this part will allow sales users to quote for your base category and service team to update existing assets.

Enable your base category to show in the quotation builder for the sales team. You can chose to show the services only or products only, depending on the tariffs and products which will be added to the price book.

In this example we will only require services, therefore we will leave the products blank and disabled.

This is now visible for the sales team to quote

Next decide where in the assets tab you want the cloud services to appear

In our example we want the cloud services to show fifth.

Note: Products and services will always be linked together.


You can also filter the following types of workstacks by base category:-

  • Commisssions

  • Assets (Products)

  • Assets (Services)

  • Sales Orders

  • Products

Should you require help in setting a new base category please contact your Layer account manager

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