If you want users to be able to see, and potentially amend a particular field on a record or grid view, you will need to make sure that it is set to be visible for each base product category.

(Please note that these values can be updated via Data Manager regardless of visibility in the UI. Data Manager access is role-based.)

Administrators can do this from Settings - Inventory - Manage Categories.

For this example, we are going to enable the Recurring Buy Price for Asset records for Mobile Services.

First, we select our base category.

Then we access the Service Core Fields tab.

We scroll to find the Recurring Buy field and check the following boxes:

  • ENABLE: the field will be visible on asset records

  • GRIDS: the field will be visible on quotation, sales order, and asset grids

  • QUOTATION: the field will be visible at quotation-level Data Capture, if this has been enabled in your instance

  • SALES ORDER - the field will be visible in Data Capture for a sales order

The Label column can be used to override the name of the field.

After saving, we can see our field in this asset grid:

We also see it when we open an asset record:

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