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Why can't I see all product and service fields?
Why can't I see all product and service fields?

If you can't see certain inventory-related fields against assets or in data capture, you may need to tweak some settings

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Within Settings - Inventory - Manage Categories you can manage the visibility of inventory-related fields within different parts of the system.

  • Enable: Enables the field within customer asset records

  • Grids: Enables the field within the asset grid (customer record - Assets tab)

  • Data Capture: Enables the field in Data Capture, accessed from a sales order record

  • Label: Allows you to present a different name for this field for this particular product category

Note the tabs at the top, which allow you to show different fields for services and products.

Your instance's own custom fields are also displayed on their own tabs.

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