Customising grid views

Information on customising certain grid views

Written by Raymond Carrel
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We are rolling out the ability to arrange various grids across The Layer.

This feature is available for a range of views, including:

  • Customer quotation grids

  • Product browser

  • Finance work stacks

It allows you to hide and reorder columns. Users with a specific role can also apply their customisations to other users.

Hiding and rearranging columns

If you see the following controls at the top-right of a work stack or grid, then the layout is customisable.

Columns can be dragged to rearrange them.

You can exclude specific columns by clicking on the arrow next to any column name and unticking the box next to a column name.

Saving a configuration

Once you have changed the grid, you can Save it for future use.

Doing so will give you the option for this setup to be loaded by default. Otherwise, you can have the config saved, and only Load it when you want to.

Note that a saved config will store:

  • Column layout

  • Hidden columns

  • Any search filters

It's important to only save search filters if you want these to be applied by default. You might prefer to just save column layouts, and search each time as required.

However, if you find that you are always performing the same search filter on a specific grid, then it might benefit you to save this too.

Saving the configuration but having it not load by default may be ideal in this situation, as you can quickly load the saved search filters only when needed.

If you have a custom config loaded, you'll see an indicator:

Please note that currently this doesn't show until you've closed and reopened the window after the initial save.


Clicking Reset will clear your saved config. It will no longer be accessible.

Applying a configuration to another user's grids

A user with the role Allow Grid Customisation for Users or Teams can configure a layout, and then pass it on to another team or individual user.

Such users will see the Apply To button on grids where the feature is supported.

Clicking this button will roll the configuration out to that same grid for selected users.

Updating a saved configuration when a new column is added to a grid

Occasionally, a new column will be added to a grid. If you are using a saved custom view of that grid, the column may not appear by default.

If you would like to include the new column in your saved configuration, you will need to reset your grid view, reconfigure the grid, and re-save your grid settings.

If you are responsible for updating other users' grids, you will need to reapply the configuration to them too.

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