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Qualified and unqualified opportunities
Qualified and unqualified opportunities

Information on working with the Qualified status

Written by Raymond Carrel
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Marking an opportunity as qualified indicates that it has a confirmed chance of becoming a sale.

The qualified status therefore provides a means by which to monitor the success rate of your business' opportunities.

There are two scenarios in which this may be particularly useful:

  • Low qualification ratio: This may highlight issues with the quality of the opportunities being produced.

  • Low win rate: This may highlight issues with the sales team's ability to close opportunities.

Checking qualified status

The qualified status of an opportunity can be seen in several places:

Lead / Customer record - Opportunities tab

Opportunity work stack

Opportunity record

How and when is an opportunity qualified?


An opportunity will be auto-qualified when the probability is set higher than 20%.

Note: The probability will be set to 30% if any appointments belonging to the opportunity are marked as sat and valid. This will, in turn, trigger the qualified status.

Manual qualification

An opportunity can be manually qualified by checking the Qualified box on the opportunity record.

To do so, the user must have the Allow Settings Qualified Status in Opportunity user role.

Bulk qualification

Qualified status can be updated in bulk from an opportunities work stack, or customer or lead record.

See below for information on changing the status in bulk.

Changing qualified status in bulk

In order to bulk change qualified status, the user must not have the user role Disallow Bulk opportunities Change (Qualified), and they must have the Allow Settings Qualified Status in Opportunity role.

You can select multiple opportunities from either the Lead / Customer - Opportunities tab, or any opportunities work stack.

You can then use the Qualify / Update Qualified button to update the status as required.

You may first wish to filter on the Qualified column in order to show only unqualified opportunities.

Lead / customer record

Work stack

In either case, you will be asked to confirm the new qualified status for all selected opportunities.

Upon completing the change, you will be prompted to refresh your view.

Clicking Export from a work stack view will create a spreadsheet that includes the qualified status of all opportunities within the work stack.

You may elect to have this export emailed to you at an interval of your choosing.

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