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How to create an opportunity
How to create an opportunity
Written by Michaela Gormanova
Updated over a week ago

Within the Layer, users can create opportunities in either a customer or lead record that capture details relevant to any potential sales.

To create an opportunity follow these simple steps:

1. Log into the Layer
2. Locate your customer or lead record using the global search function and open the record
3. Once inside the record from the SALES drop-down menu select New Opportunity

4. The New Opportunity window will now populate and we need to fill in the required information:

New opportunity:

  • Opportunity Title: This will be the title of your opportunity and is recommended as it will help you locate the opportunity later. If left blank it will create a Title based on the potential sales.

  • Potential sales: This refers to the potential products that you could sell to this customer or lead, simply enter the values as appropriate beside each base category, e.g. if you may be able to sell 10 mobile handsets then enter in the Mobile value fields.

  • Source: The source from where the opportunity came from, e.g. advertising campaign, recommendation etc.

  • Description: Any extra information that is relevant to the opportunity can be entered here

  • Manual Value: The potential value of the sale if known

  • Owner: The user who owns the opportunity, this can be reassigned at any point

  • Add Owner: Adding a secondary owner will allow them to keep track of the Opportunity through Workstacks and any GP earned. These options are often used by pre-sales users

  • Estimated Close: This is the estimated date of when this opportunity should be closed by

  • Probability: The probability of this opportunity becoming a sales order

  • Strength: Whether the opportunity is hot, cold or warm

  • Status: The status of the opportunity i.e. In progress, Lost, On Hold, Won, for the purpose of creating a new opportunity you would select In progress

Once you have entered all of the relevant information for your opportunity hit

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