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How to use the Delivery Manager
How to use the Delivery Manager

Using Delivery Manager and details of its settings and options

Written by Caroline Livingstone
Updated over a week ago

Delivery Manager is the section of the Layer where you are able to manage your shipping and generate the delivery note that is added to a package.

To enter the Delivery Manager, go into an order and click on the Deliveries section along the top bar. From there, click on the date of the delivery you would like to look at.

This will open up the Delivery Manager pop up.

You can edit the following sections:

  • Delivery Method

  • Tracking Number - This is an optional addition if you use tracking numbers for your shipping

  • Custom Shipping Name - If you would like add a custom name, you can, but otherwise the delivery note will generate the company name

  • Shipping Address

  • Shipping Contact

Underneath these sections, there is a button called Override Shipping Address.

This button changes the format of the shipping address, allowing you to change the shipping address entirely, or add in both a company name and a contact name within the address - which will then be pulled through to the delivery note.

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