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Understanding leases
Understanding leases

Details on using the leasing feature

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Leasing is an optional add-on to The Layer. It allows you to configure lease providers on the system, be they internal or external, and raise leases against quotations and sales orders. If you are interested in the leasing functionality, please get in touch with your representative at The Layer.

The leasing feature allows you to configure leasing providers, be they internal or external, and set up your price books with products (and services) that are lease-applicable.

You can then create a quote in The Layer that includes any lease-based profits as part of the overall deal profitability, and generate quotes that show the monthly lease fee alongside any other recurring monthly charges.

This then carries through to the sales order stage, to help with the processing of the lease on the suppliers portal through to invoice.

Configuring leasing providers

Lease provider configuration is complex and involves a range of derivatives to be set up to meet your specific requirements. To this end, providers will be set up as part of your initial leasing configuration.

Leasing providers are configured from Settings - Leasing Providers.

Default leasing provider

A leasing provider can be designated as the default, meaning that it will be auto-selected when a new lease is created, though it can be changed.

Marking inventory items as lease-applicable

By default, items will not be eligible to be added to a lease.

To mark a product or service item as lease-applicable, navigate to the item's base category in Settings - Inventory, select the required item, and in the Pricing tab tick the Lease Applicable box(es) and Save.

Note: For products there will only be one Lease Applicable option, but for services you can set both the upfront costs and / or the recurring costs as lease applicable.

Adding a lease to a quotation

To create a lease, add the products and services to your quote in the usual way.

If any items on the quote have been marked as Lease Applicable in inventory, you will see a Lease Eligible message in the quotation right hand column (see below).

The ability to create a lease is a permissions-based user role. If you do not see this section in the quote builder please this, please speak to your system administrator.

Clicking the Create New Lease link will take you to the Lease Management window.

You will need to select your desired Lease Provider first, unless your instance is configured to use a default provider. This will update the rate, profit and turnover calculations for the lease.

By default, all lease applicable items on the quote are marked as Included on the lease in the Product Associations section. Items may be removed from the lease by selecting them and clicking on the Exclude button. This will remove them from the lease and update the lease calculations. The column on the right-hand side will show whether the items are included or excluded.

Note: Any lease applicable items added after the lease is created will need to be added manually by selecting the items and clicking on the Include button. This will mark the items as included on the lease and update the lease calculations.

Note: For package bundle items containing lease items, all products and services in the package need to be lease-applicable, and if added on a lease quote all bundle items will be included in the lease (i.e. there will be no option to exclude a bundle item from the lease).

Lease Configuration



Start Date Proposed

The proposed date of the lease start. This will default to the current date.

Start Date Actual

This will be the date the lease will actually go live and will pull through to sales order.


If the customer is to be charged any additional one-off charges you can enter these here.

Note: this will be for display only and will not affect your profits/ turnover unless specified in your lease calculations.


If the customer is required to pay a deposit for the services.

Note: this will be for display only and will not affect your profits/ turnover unless specified in your lease calculations.


This will default to the default term set against the lease provider.

Upfront Term

If the customer is paying upfront costs over an extended term this should be specified here. If this should affect the recurring cost of the lease then this will need to be specified in the leasing calculations.

Note: Changes made to this section will not automatically update the lease costs and profit, which will only update when the form is saved.

The Lease Profitability section shows the Lease Profit (with holdback applied) and Lease Full Profit (full profit not taking into account holdback).

The Lease Monthly Cost section shows the monthly cost of the lease to the customer.

Note: Lease profit holdback is specified in the lease derivatives (see below). If holdback has been applied, sales users with the Respect Profit Holdback Values permission will only be able to view the Lease Profit value, and this will be used to update their view of the overall profits.

Users who can see the full profits will be able to see both values with the full lease profit amount used in the overall quotation profit figures.

Lease Derivatives

At the bottom of the Lease Management form is the Lease Derivatives section. These lease derivatives are custom to your instance, and are used to calculate the lease rates, turnover and profit on the lease, which will then feed back to your quotation.

All profit from the lease items will be replaced with this lease profit.

These lease derivative calculations will be managed by your administrators, and are displayed on the lease as information only.

Lease values on a quotation

Recurring lease values can be seen on lease quotes as part of the quotation summary.

Lease values in the Profit and Turnover Breakdown

Lease Turnover Total is visible in the quotation and sales order breakdowns.

Conversion from quotation to sales order

The lease attached to a quotation, and the lease attached to the corresponding sales order are separate entities. Converting a quotation with a lease attached will also create new the sales order version of the lease.

The quotation lease will contain a Q after the number, whereas the sales order lease will contain an S.

Changing one lease's details will not change the other. Once you have converted your quote to sales order, the quotation lease should not be amended.

Upon opening a quotation lease that has already been converted, you'll be advised to open the sales order lease instead.

Leases on sales orders

Leases can be viewed and amended on a Sales Order record from the link to the Lease Management form located in the left-hand column of the main Sales Order screen.

The reference shows here will be the new reference for the sales order lease. Any changes that need to be made post conversion should be made here, and not against the original quote version of the lease.

Lease statuses

Leases can have one of two statuses; Draft and Finalised. On creation the lease will be in Draft status.

Once the lease is moved to a Finalised status, no further changes can be made to it, but lease can be removed (see below) and a new lease created with the correct permissions.

Removing a lease

If you need to remove a lease from the quotation you can click Remove Lease at the very bottom of the Lease Management window.

If the lease has already been finalised, then his button will be unusable unless you have the user role permission to remove finalised leases.

Removing a lease will delete the lease record, and the quotation profits will revert to their normal profit margins.

Transferring lease items to external billing apps

This information is for users of the Billing Exports app.

Lease items will appear in the Lease Exports tab of the Billing Exports app when their billing status is Ready to bill.

Any CLIs associated with selected lease items can be exported to a 3rd party billing system using the CLI Export button.

Lease products can’t currently be exported to a 3rd party billing systems or lease provider.

However, lease items that have been manually transferred can be marked as Transferred to billing. This will mark them as In billing in The Layer, which will set the sales order item Bill state flag to green.

Lease snippets

There are a range of quotation snippets that pertain to leasing, including those shown below.

Report - All Leases

The All Leases report details leases in the system, and can be accessed from the Reports area.

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