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How your Customers can use the Self-Service Portal
How your Customers can use the Self-Service Portal

What can customers use the self-service portal for, and how it can benefit you

Written by Caroline Livingstone
Updated over a week ago

When a customer of yours needs to register within the Layer System, they will need to be activated and sent a link to the Customer Login Portal, which you will be able to send to them. Details on how to do this can be found here.

Their Customer Login Portal page will look like this.

If they customer is already registered this is where they will log into their account, but otherwise they should click on Register Now to take them to the registration form. They will then be able to put in their details and click Register at the bottom of the page.

Once this has been done, the following page will show up, allowing them to activate their account via their email.

Your customer will then receive an email with a password that allows them to login.


Once they have logged into the self service portal they will be able to do the following:

  • Check on their cases, allowing them to look at the progress on their cases without having to check in with you and add additional notes

  • Create their own cases without having to get in contact and have you create one for them, allowing them to fully explain and evidence the issue they are experiencing

  • Access the Knowledgebase allowing them to potentially set up their system or fix any potential issues they might be having without needing to create a case

Checking on Cases

Customers can click on All Cases from the top menu of the portal, which will take them to a page where all their individual cases are listed.

They can then select a specific case (subject or reference) to enter the case and see further details including the Case Summary which shows who the case has been assigned to, when it was created and when it was last updated. It also shows contact information for the assignee, the case status, and the assignee.

Within this section it also possible to add a note within the Something to add? section.

Customers can add additional information or suggestions for the assignee, and a notification will be sent to you so you are aware this has been added.

Creating Their Own Cases

Using the New Case menu button at the top of the window, customers can add details of their case including Category, Subject, and Body Text.

They are then able to add attachments to the case – including screenshots, spreadsheets, and work documents – as evidence of the issue that they are experiencing.

Clicking Create New Case will then add the case to your Layer instance and send you a notification so you are aware it has been created.

Accessing the Knowledge base

The link to the Knowledge base can be found within the menu at the top of the window, and will directly take the customer to the Knowledgebase website where they can search through all the available articles.

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