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Granting your customers access to the self-service portal
Granting your customers access to the self-service portal

How to let individual customer contacts access the portal

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

For information on what the self-service customer portal can do, check this link.

Your customer contacts must be granted access before they can use the portal. This is managed from The Layer, via the Contacts tab of the relevant customer record.

Checking customer access

Access status can be checked from the Company record, against each Contact. The PE column under Customer Portal indicates whether or not access has been granted. To change this setting, use the pencil icon to edit the contact, then toggle the checkbox.

Upon enabling this setting, the customer contact will be sent a notification email similar to the below.

These credentials can be used to log in to the customer portal within your website.

Customer self-registration requests - using the mapping tool

Triggering the request

Your customers may also request access by clicking on the Register Now button on the portal site.

After entering their details, they'll be shown a message to let them know that their registration request has been sent.

This will trigger an email to your users who meet the following criteria:

1. The user has been marked as On-duty portal staff

2. The user has the role Portal Registration Mapper.

Mapping the customer request

Customer self-registration requests will trigger an email to any user who meets the above criteria.

Any user who receives the email can click on Map Registration to process the request.

The link will take you to the mapping screen shown below.

Select the customer's Company. You can then use the Select user menu to select the corresponding customer contact. If the user does not have a contact set up already, you can enter the details in the section below - make sure to enable Create new contact.

Once you've entered the details correctly, click Map user to company.

This will send a confirmation email to the contact, informing them of their login details.

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