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How to Set a Customer Up with the Self-Service Portal
How to Set a Customer Up with the Self-Service Portal

Setting up a customer with self-service portal access

Written by Caroline Livingstone
Updated over a week ago

When setting up a customer within the Self-Service portal you will need to ensure that they have the portal access activated within their Customer Record.

To do this, you should go into the Contacts tab of their Customer Record and move along to the PE (Portal Access) section. If this has a red cross within it, you will need to edit the customer record and select the PE section so it appears as green.

From here, the customer can register themselves using a link from the Self-Service area of the Layer, which can be found by going to Settings β†’ Company Set Up β†’ Self Service.

It is also possible to test the self-service portal by clicking Get Support below the link.

Once they have this link, the customer will automatically receive an activation email that will include a password to allow them to login.

From here, click the arrow in the Password section to send an activation email to the customer with a password that will allow them to log into the

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