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The Customer Portal and what users can do with it
The Customer Portal and what users can do with it

Information on the customer portal, which allows users to create their own service cases

Written by Raymond Carrel
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The Layer offers the ability to configure a self-service portal for your customers, which can be incorporated into your own website. This portal will allow your customers to create cases, and view cases they have created.

Granting portal access to your customers

Check this article for information.

Case creation

The user can select a category and subcategory, and enter subject and body text for their enquiry. They may also upload a file, which will be attached to the case.

Case creation will trigger a notification email to your service users.

Review existing cases and add notes

From the All Cases section, a user can view existing cases for their business.

By opening one of these cases, further details can be seen, and the customer can add notes. These will be sent to The Layer as case notes.

This will also trigger an email notification to case watchers.

The user can access any Knowledgebase articles you have created

If you have any public knowledgebase articles configured, these can be accessed by the link at the top of the screen

Integrating the customer portal into your website

Check this article for information on how you can add the portal to your website.

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