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Adding web and file links as shortcuts
Adding web and file links as shortcuts

You can add links to external sites or files from cases, quotations, opportunities, customers, leads & sales orders

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This feature allows you to add links to external apps or files from Cases, Quotations, Opportunities, Customer Records, Leads and Sales Orders.

The purpose of it is to provide Layer users with quick access to context-relevant files or external apps, and also the ability to email the external links or files to customers.

Creating shortcut categories

Shortcuts are assigned to categories that you define. These can be used for management, and to help you determine which shortcuts each user or team should be able to access.

This is configured from:

Settings - Shortcuts

Creating shortcuts

Shortcuts can be defined in the Shortcuts area of Settings. Shortcuts created here are global, meaning that they are not tied to any specific customer, quotation, sales order etc.

A shortcut can be a link to a specific website (e.g. a supplier portal for the connections team with easy access from sales orders, for example) or to a file stored on The Layer.

  • Title - this text will be presented in the email with the hyperlink.

  • Description - Information for your own reference

  • URL - add the hyperlink to this field

  • Category - select which category the link belongs to for easier management of the links

  • Pinned - pinned shortcuts will appear at the top of the shortcut list

  • External - external shortcuts can be added easily to customer emails

  • Active - a shortcut must be marked as active in order for it to be accessible elsewhere in the system

Configuring accessibility of shortcuts

Shortcuts can be restricted to individual teams or users, and to specific parts of the system.

Clicking the number under the Users column will open up the Shortcut Users window. Here you can choose to grant access either by team or by user.

Clicking the number under Area lets you determine where the shortcut can be seen.

Creating shortcuts for a specific record

You may wish to create a shortcut that is relevant only to a specific record - for example, you might wish to link to a recorded video call that pertains to a specific customer case, opportunity etc.

You can do this by clicking the Add Shortcut button within any shortcuts window. This will let you add a link that will be visible only against this specific record.

These shortcuts will not be shown in Settings.

The ability to edit or amend these shortcuts requires the Edit, Delete Custom Shortcuts user role.

Note: Global shortcuts defined in Settings can only be amended or deleted from Settings.

Accessing shortcuts

Shortcuts are accessible from the following areas:

Shortcuts in Customer and Lead records

Shortcuts in Quotations

Shortcuts in Opportunities

Shortcuts in Cases

Shortcuts in Sales Orders

Email shortcuts

Active and external shortcuts can also be emailed to your customer. Select a link from the drop down option. This will add the link to the body of your email.

Audit Trail

The Audit Trail will detail shortcut usage.


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