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Using Product Highlights and Hyperlinks
Using Product Highlights and Hyperlinks

How to add product details and web links against inventory items, so that they can be pulled through to quotations

Written by Raymond Carrel
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The Inventory section of the Settings zone allows users with the correct user roles to manage products and services in your price book. You may wish to store details of product features against an item in the form of Product Highlights, as well as Hyperlinks to other websites that may be of use, such as full product specifications, user guides etc.

Product Highlights

The Product Highlights tab can be used to detail features of the product or service. Not only can these provide a useful reference, they can also be pulled through to customer quotations via your Output Templates.

Highlights can be entered individually by clicking + New Highlight. Both the Feature and Description values will be shown on the customer quotation. The Sort field can be used to set the order in which the features will be displayed both within the grid and on the quotation output.

Highlights as they appear in the product record:

The section indicated below shows the information pulled through from the product record to the quotation output:

The product image can be uploaded against a product on the Image tab.

Adding product highlights with Data Manager

Data Manager users can import highlights in bulk - see this article.

Product Hyperlinks

You can also include product-specific hyperlinks in your quotations. To add these, use the Shortcuts tab on the product or service record.

  • Title - this will appear in the quotation output as the link text

  • URL - this must begin with http:// or https://

  • Description - this is information for your internal use only

  • Is External - enabled this to make the link visible in quotation output

  • Is Pinned - pinned shortcuts will appear at the top of the shortcuts grid in settings, as well as at the top of the list of shortcuts in quotation output

The original creation date and the user who created the shortcut are also shown for your information.

Including highlights and hyperlinks in your quotations

The following snippets can be used to pull product highlights and shortcuts into a quotation. The first will show details for all physical products, and the second will cover any services.

  • {quotation_product_list_shortcut}

  • {quotation_service_list_shortcut}

Package users should also use:

  • {quotation_package_list_shortcut}

The snippets use the following information:

  1. Product Header tab - Product Name

  2. Product Header tab - Manufacturer

  3. Product Header tab - Description

  4. Product Highlights tab

  5. Shortcuts tab - all External

  6. Image tab

For more information on output templates and snippets, check this article.

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