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Overriding a product or service name on a quotation or sales order
Overriding a product or service name on a quotation or sales order

How to change an item's name for a specific quotation or sales order, and how this carries through to purchase order and assets stages.

Written by Raymond Carrel
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With the right permission, it is possible to override a product name. This may be useful, for example, if you want to have one product in your price book to cover all laptops, but each laptop may differ in spec. This new name will propagate to:

  • Quotations

  • Sales Order

  • Purchase Orders

  • Stock Movement Sessions (partial)

  • Invoices

  • Assets

Please note that we do not recommend using this feature as standard for your sales processes. It's better to use it sparingly, for example, if an item has a number of slight variations, and you would like more control over the product name as your customers see it.

Enabling the Permission

Tick the indicated box to enable this on a per-user basis (this requires Settings access).

Editing a Product Name - Product Browser

If you have permission to edit a product name, you will see the question mark icon next to the product name. The name will then be editable.

Hovering over the β€œ?” tooltip will show the original product name as it appears in the price book.

Sales Order Stage

The new name will be shown on the sales order record, and in Data Capture.

Quotation & Sales Order Stage - Item-level

You have the opportunity to change the name at item level at quotation and sales order stages - there is no need to remove and re-add the item.

Purchase Order Stage

In order to create a stock movement session that reflects the new product names, you need to select New Purchase Order from the Actions menu on the sales order record.

When you come to add your product, select the Sales Order Required Products option. This will show only the items on the sales order, and will show the new names.

You may then proceed as normal.

Stock movements

Please note that, in the Stock Movement Session, you will select the item by the override name, but the generic item name will be shown when you are viewing the lower frame (items booked in).

It is advised that you allocate the stock to the linked sales order as soon as possible. The item of stock will show its generic name in stock work stacks and reports.

Stacks and Reports

Quotation and Sales Order reports should use the override name that has been entered.

Stock reports and work stacks will show the generic stock name as it appears in the price book.

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