Opportunity Value Source

What is an opportunity value source and how does it work?

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See diagram below for a standard opportunity flow.

Opportunity Value Source Customisation

This set up is very important in order to see the right profits in the reporting. Once again this will depend on your company preferences and internal processes.

First let's explain what the individual value source is referring to.

Manual Value - is the estimated value (existing opportunity field) which is used to manage opportunities and the estimate values before knowing exact details of the deal and before quoting customer.

Top Quotation - is the deal profit taken from 'Top quotation'. It's possible to create more than one quote linked to the same opportunity for different reasons (comparison of different providers etc.) All of these quotes could be in different statuses and all of them can be send to customer. The top quotation logic is based on following logic. The quotation which updates the overall opportunity profit is

  • WON quotation, if there is no Won quotation present we look for

  • Dominant quotation (marked with star), If there is no quotation marked as dominant we look for

  • Last updated quotation (last saved quotation against the opportunity)

If there is no quotation OR quotation in status Cancelled, Lost, Expired linked to an opportunity the value will default to the 'Manual Value' within the opportunity.

Sales Order - is the deal profit taken from sales order/s linked to the opportunity. It's important to mention that it's possible that the sales order profit can vary from the original quotation sent to customer.

Why would my sales order profit be different to the quotation profit? E.g.:

  • Stock Authoritative Value activated - meaning the sales order will take the profit from the actual purchase price of the product rather then estimated buy price from the quote.

  • Funding which was approved at the sales order stage

  • Change of hardware in sales order if stock is not available (unless new quote required)

More than one sales order linked to the opportunity

If there are multiple sales orders linked to the opportunity we will summarise all profits against the opportunity (excluding cancelled sales orders)

See opportunity flow diagram with the relating opportunity value sources. The authoritative value source changes during the process. When sales order is cancelled as well as linked quotation the opportunity value source changes back to the manual.

Permission to change 'Authoritative Value Source'

Users with this permission 'Allow opportunity value source change' will be able to change the authoritative value source if there are any exceptions of the rule. For example if the sales order is making a loss, however it's due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. required handsets are no longer available and therefore it's going to cost more to provide new type for the same price) a manager can override the value source to ensure that sales user is paid from the original quotation profits and not the sales order profits.

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