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How to add Product items to a Sales Order
How to add Product items to a Sales Order
Written by Vijaya Tymerri
Updated over a week ago

Users who are authorised to access the Ordering, Sales, and Finance Modules have the ability to add Product items to an order.

Please note that this role is permission-based, which means that if you are unable to amend or add items to an Order, you should contact your Layer Administrator for assistance.

To add Product items to an Order, click on the New Items button in the Order Items tab.

This will expand the list of Products and Services grouped by Category and allow you to select the items you wish to add to the Order.

Click on the relevant Product Category to select the items you want to add to your Order. For instance, if you're looking for Mobile Handsets, click on the Mobile Products category to access the items in that Price book.

To refine your search in the Product Browser, click on the manufacturer's logo or use the search fields below each column header.

Once you find the item you need, you can double-click on it or highlight it and click the Add button.

This will open the product item window where you can specify the Quantity and Classification. You can also add notes if needed, but make sure to keep the Show Note on Output unchecked to hide them from the customer. Next, click Add to finish adding items to the Sales Order.

Note: You may encounter the Product Basket, an optional feature in the quote builder (Product Browser) view. It is accessible when adding items to a quotation or a sales order. Refer to this article for guidance on using the Product Basket.

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