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Using the product basket

How to enable and use the Product Basket feature within the Product Browser.

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

What is the Product Basket?

The Product Basket is an optional feature within the quote builder (Product Browser) view, accessible when adding items to a quotation or a sales order.

The basket feature is designed to provide users with greater visibility of items being added to a quotation, particularly where child or package services are being added to a parent service.

You can open the basket by clicking the basket icon, or by adding an item via the Add button or double-clicking.

I don't see the basket!

Your instance of The Layer may have the basket disabled to preserve legacy behaviour. An administrator can enable the basket for all users by enabling the Show Basket in Product Browser option in Company Settings - Quotations and Sales.

What is the Product Basket for?

The basket allows you to view and manage items that will be added to a quotation or sales order. Items will sit in the basket until you're ready to commit them.

The basket also enables parent-child and package item relationships to be established. See the Product Bundles article for more details.

How do I use it?

Clicking Add or double-clicking an item will add it to the basket. Do this for as many items as you want. You can click Remove next to the item line in the basket.

Once you've got what you need in the basket, click Update Quote or Update Order.

What are the main benefits?

The basket makes bundles much easier to use, as well as the linking of parent and child items or package items.

The basket provides you with a convenient view of your selected items before you add them to your quote or order.

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