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Working with sales order check list tasks
Working with sales order check list tasks

Information on using and configuring sales order check lists

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Sales Orders support Check List Tasks, which can be useful in reminding users of any tasks required of them that may arise from the sales order. They are shown on the Check Lists tab of a sales order.

The tasks that are added to a sales order are determined by the product sub-category of the items on the order.

When an item is added, its tasks will be added to the Not Started column. It can then be dragged to the Doing or Done column as required.

Tasks can be collapsed by clicking on the up arrow, and shown again by clicking the down arrow.

Clicking the pencil icon allows you to edit the task. For example, set a specific due date, or change the assignee to any user. Tasks can also be deleted.

Clicking on the menu icon in the top-right will reveal some additional options.

  • Create a new task

  • Filter to show Only Mine or Everyone.

  • Bulk reassign User

  • Bulk reassign due Date

  • Toggle selection of all tasks for bulk reassignment as above.

    • This can be done per-task by checking the circle in the task's header.

Duplicate tasks

If the addition of an item to a sales order would cause duplication of an existing task, it will not be re-added.

In order to be considered a duplicate:

  • the new task must have the same name as an existing task

  • the existing task must not have a Done status

  • the existing task but have the same default assignee

    • this refers to the setting as defined in system config i.e. sales order owner, sales order connector, or customer owner

Configuring tasks for a product sub-category

Go to Settings - Manage Categories

Expand the base category to access the sub-category. Click its name.

Access the Sales Order Check List Steps tab.

Here you can add, edit and delete tasks.

Tasks are comprised of a Value (name) and Assignee. The assignee can be the Customer Owner, Sales Order Owner, or Sales Order Connector.

These tasks will be added when any item of that sub-category is subsequently added to a sales order.

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