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Adding notes to quotation, sales order and invoice line items
Adding notes to quotation, sales order and invoice line items

Quotation, Sales Order and Invoice items can have notes added to item lines

Written by Raymond Carrel
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Notes can be added to quotation, sales order and invoice items. This lets you add specific product details or instructions, for either internal or external use.

For example you may wish to add a laptop model and specification to a generic laptop item.

Customer-facing notes will be included in customer-facing documents, such as quotations.

Adding notes to quotation items

Notes can be entered within the quotation builder when adding the product. By default, the note will not be visible on the quotation that is sent to the customer. You can check the box shown below to toggle this.

You can also add or edit the note and its visibility status by clicking on the line item once it has been added to the quote.

Adding notes to sales order items

Notes made against items in a quotation will be carried through to the sales order record.

As with quotations, notes can be added while adding items to a sales order, or by clicking on the line item.

Enabling notes on an invoice

Customer-visible sales order item notes can be included on a customer's invoice, as part of the items tables. However, each invoice template must have this enabled individually.

If you would like assistance with this, please get in touch.

If you are comfortable with making this change yourself, you can follow these instructions:

  • Go to Settings - Output Templates.

  • Select the relevant template.

  • Click on the Invoice Items Template tab.

This tab lets you dictate the information that will be shown as part of the item tables.

The lower part of this tab shows all of the possible fields that can be included. Highlighted here are two lines that will reflect the item's name. The first will show the item name without notes, and the second will show it alongside any notes.

The top part of this tab is a free-text box that determines which fields will be included. If you would like to replace the default Description field with the Descriptions with Notes field, just replace that line as shown below:

<td class="item_l even">Description</td>
<td class="item_l even">Description With Notes</td>

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