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How to Enable Integrated Case Notes Activity Feed
How to Enable Integrated Case Notes Activity Feed
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The Integrated Case Activity Feed is a dynamic feature designed to streamline your case management process by integrating tasks, checklist notes, emails, SMS, phone calls, and more into a single, chronological feed within your case notes. To take advantage of this feature, you need to activate it at the company level. Follow the steps below to enable the "Activity Mode in Case Notes" through the Company Settings.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activation

  1. Access Company Settings

    • Begin by logging into your account with administrative privileges.

    • Navigate to the main dashboard and locate the settings button.

    • Click on this icon and select "Company Settings".

  2. Navigate to Customisations Tab

    • Click on the "Customisations" tab to access the settings where you can tailor the application's features to your company's needs.

  3. Locate "Activity Mode in Case Notes" Setting

    • Within the Customisations tab, scroll through the list of available settings until you find the "Activity Mode in Case Notes."

    • This setting is grouped under a subsection related to case management.

  4. Activate the Feature

    • Next to the "Activity Mode in Case Notes" setting, you'll find a checkbox.

    • Activate this setting by clicking on the toggle, turning it from "Off" to "On," or by checking the checkbox.

  5. Save Your Changes:

    • After activating the "Activity Mode in Case Notes," ensure to save your changes.

  6. Confirmation and Testing:

    • Once saved, you may receive a confirmation message indicating that your changes have been successfully applied.

    • To test the feature, navigate to any case within your system and check if the case notes now display an integrated view of activities in chronological order.

How to use the feature

  • Train Your Team - Ensure that all team members are aware of this new feature and understand how to use it effectively for case management.

  • Provide Feedback - As you start using the integrated case activity feed, gather feedback from your team and consider any adjustments to make this tool even more beneficial for your workflows.

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