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EECC - Pre-contract documentation - Configuration
EECC - Pre-contract documentation - Configuration

How to create and amend pre-contract document templates

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Configuring pre-contract documents

Pre-contract information can be configured from Settings - Pre-Contract Templates.

We provide a sample document template of each type. This should be used only as a reference for your own documents. Clicking New Pre-Contract Template lets you create a new template for either summary or information documents.

The Pre-Contract Template Type field determines which one the template will be.

Pre-contract summary templates can be assigned at company or sub-company level (if you have these enabled). One summary is provided to customers for each qualifying quote.

Pre-contract information templates can be assigned to a product category, or individual items in inventory. Multiple documents may be provided to a customer per quote, depending on the range of items present.

An item-level document will take precedence over the category-level one.

The template editor will be familiar to anyone with experience working with other kinds of output template.

The button next to Pre-Contract Header lets you upload an image that will be added to the document at the point of production. This does not need to be added via HTML in the editor below. This may be your logo or perhaps an additional header image specific to pre-contract documents.

Adding document hyperlinks to quotation templates

To make it so that pre-contract document links are included within the quotation, the following snippets must be incorporated into the email template:



Upon quote generation, the quotation lines will be evaluated, and their corresponding documents will be linked to, as well as the appropriate pre-contract summary.

Click here for general information on working with quotation templates.

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