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EECC - Marking categories or items as EECC-regulatable
EECC - Marking categories or items as EECC-regulatable

How to dictate which items are eligible

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Regulatable services

For a quote to be eligible for EECC regulation, at least one of its lines must be EECC-regulatable. The Layer allows you to indicate eligibility either at product sub-category- or inventory-level.

Sub-category-level setting

To indicate eligibility at a sub-category level, go to Settings - Inventory - Manage Categories.

On the first tab, you'll see the EECC Regulated checkbox.

  • If this is checked, all services belonging to that sub-category will be qualify for regulation, regardless of the setting against those services.

    • This means that you don't have to be concerned with checking the box for each service.

  • If this is unchecked, the setting against each service will be evaluated to determine eligibility.

    • This lets you choose specific items within the sub-category to be eligible.

Inventory-level setting

By accessing the Inventory area of Settings, you can check the EECC Regulated box to enable the setting for that particular item.

  • If this is checked, it will override the parent sub-category setting.

    • This means you can enable it for individual items within an otherwise non-regulatable sub-category.

  • If this is unchecked, it will have no effect.

    • This is so that you can enable the setting for a sub-category without having to worry about the individual item settings.

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