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EECC regulations and the Ofcom Toolkit
EECC regulations and the Ofcom Toolkit

An overview of the tools The Layer provides to help with Ofcom regulations

Written by Raymond Carrel
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EECC regulations

What the regulations are for

The EECC (European Electronic Communications Code) contains a package of measures designed to protect customers of broadband, mobile, pay TV and landline services.

These measures are intended to ensure customers can shop around, make informed choices, switch easily, and get a fair deal.

What you need to do to be compliant

In practice, the result of these regulations is that, for certain quotations, you will be required to provide the customer with specific information relating to the contracts being offered.

Alternatively, the customer can choose to opt out of receiving this documentation, though you must obtain proof that this is the case.

When the regulations take effect

The regulations only take effect when:

  • The service being sold is eligible

...and one of the following conditions is met:

  • The customer has ten or fewer employees

  • Said service has a term of more than 24 months

For full details of the code, check this document on the Ofcom site.

The Layer's Ofcom toolkit - how it can help

In order to help meet new Ofcom regulations, The Layer offers an add-on called the Ofcom Toolkit.

At a high level, the Ofcom toolkit offers the following:

  • Visibility of eligibility status for quotes and quote lines

    • A badge in the header of qualifying quotes

    • A badge next to qualifying quotation lines

  • Means by which you can provide your customers with the required regulatory documentation

    • Configurable pre-contract summary templates

    • Configurable pre-contract information templates for specific items

  • A mechanism by which your customers can opt out of regulations

  • A way to store opt-out evidence against quotations

  • Easier tracking and updating of your customers' employee counts

The Ofcom Toolkit is an optional add-on to The Layer. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in enabling it.

Quotation creation

When creating a quotation, you'll be prompted to enter the number of employees in that company, if not present, or update it if there’s a current value stored against the customer or lead record.

The Last Updated & Last Updater will be stored against this change.

You can also indicate at this point that the customer is opting out of receiving the documentation. Evidence for this will be uploaded during quotation creation. This opt-out status can be changed later.

Quotations - Ofcom badges

An Ofcom badge will be shown in the quote header, if:

  • The service being sold is eligible

...and one of the following conditions is met:

  • The customer has ten or fewer employees

  • Said service has a term of more than 24 months

*You can define which services are EECC-bound in Settings - this is covered later.

You'll see the same badge next to any individual quotation lines that are EECC-bound.

Quotations - Ofcom toolkit

From the quotation record, you can see the Ofcom Toolkit, which allows you to:

  • Edit the lead or customer's employee size

  • Opt out of EECC regulations for that quote

  • Upload opt-out evidence

Opting out

Clicking on the Opt-out evidence button lets you upload files from your computer. This will be the proof that the customer has opted out of receiving documentation for any lines on this quote.

Opting out will update the header badge.

Producing the quote will show a prompt. If the customer has opted out and evidence has been attached, this will be confirmed, and you'll be prompted to continue.

If you haven't checked the opt-out box, and attempt to produce the quote, you'll be given another opportunity to opt out by uploading proof via the Opt-Out Form button.

No opt-out

If the customer has not opted out, you'll be prompted to either upload documentation (thus enabling opt-out) or continue without. In the latter case, the implication is that the customer will be supplied with pre-contract documentation.

Clicking Continue will let you proceed with quote production. The link below will show you how pre-contract documentation can be sent to the customer.

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