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Can I delete notes created by another user?
Can I delete notes created by another user?

Users can delete other users' notes only if they have a specific customisation enabled

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Notes can be added to a range of record types, such as leads, customers, cases, and sales orders. In certain cases you may wish to remove a note - for example, if it was erroneously posted or contained incorrect or sensitive information.

By default, users can only delete notes that they created themselves. However, a user-specific customisation is available that allows the user to delete notes from any users.

This may be useful for notes that were posted, for example, automatically by The Layer, or notes created by ex-users.

We do not recommend giving this customisation to many users, as deleted notes cannot be recovered.

Administrators can enable the Delete Any Note customisation from User Record - Customisations.

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