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Capturing customer checks against a sales order
Capturing customer checks against a sales order

You can record the results of credit checks and other checks against a sales order

Written by Michaela Gormanova
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Checks are a record of any credit and internal checks performed against a customer as part of the sales process.

Checks are recorded against specific sales orders, and allow anyone working with that sales order to easily view the results of any checks that have been performed.


There are two user roles that can be activated to restrict a user's interactions with checks:

  • Prevent Check Edit & Deletion in Sales Order

  • Prevent Check Creation in Sales Orders

Recording a check

To capture a check that needs to be or has already been performed, go to the Checks tab within a sales order and click New Check.

Check Type - select check you want to capture e.g. Credit Check

Sub Type - select the child of the parent check e.g. Mobile Credit Check. These are defined in Settings.

Supplier - select the supplier that is performing the credit check; e.g. Vodafone. This list is based on your Suppliers as defined in Settings.

Agency - select an agency which you use to follow up a check on an account; e.g. Experian. Please note that agencies are predefined and not configurable in Settings.

Status - select from the set statuses to highlight which stage you are in. Options: Pending, Pass, Fail, Referred. These are pre-set statuses that are not configurable.

Response - Once you've received the results of the check, you can click the icon in this field to enter the details. This will open a results form as configured in Settings, if this has been set up.

Response Notes - Add your key response note into this field. If you don't need to fill a full form, you can use this as your only response field.

Reference - add the reference number received from the network or agency.

Deposit - Enter the value of required deposit if applicable.

Creator and Created are informative fields for your reference only.

By capturing this information against a sales order your team will be able to pick up any order at any time and continue processing it.

Configuring Check Types and Results Forms

Administrators can define and edit check types from Settings - Check Types,

A new check type can be added via the New Check Type button on the left side.

If you want to create a new check group category, do not select a parent. This type will then show in the Check Type menu.

If you want to create a sub type, you must select a parent.

Response forms are assigned to sub types. This will determine the form you see, if any, when confirming check results.

Forms are defined in Settings - Forms.

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