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How to configure Check Types
How to configure Check Types
Written by Michaela Gormanova
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How to configure and use Check Types

This feature will allow you to create a custom order check type such as credit and internal verification. Internal verification can be used for your own internal checks that you perform on the account before processing the order.

Detailed below is a guide on how to set the checks up and how to manage them in the Layer. The checks will allow you to manage the various stages of a credit check or verification process. Capture your checks against a sales order during the processing at any stage. Anybody can view your check entries and see what stage these are in. With provided permissions you can allow users to create and edit the checks.

Configuration of check types

To set up your custom checks go to Settings -> Check Types

To create a new check type, select 'New Check Type' on the left hand side.

Add your check type name and description. Use your existing internal terminology to ensure that users understand which check type to chose.

In 'Additional Options'

Keep the first Check as a parent check type. We will create a 'Child' check type in the next step.

Select the 'Response Form' only if relevant at this stage.

Create a child check type

Follow the same steps and go to 'New Check Type' and select the parent check from the drop down list. In order to capture more detailed information about the credit check create a form, then select the form from the drop down list.

Note: you don't have to create a response form. Within the check type in sales order you will be able to add a short response. The form is designed to provide you with more detailed responses that you might receive from the network.

Once you have created your parent and child check types, you will be able to edit these and view the hierarchy as per below image.

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