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Managing customer emails with the Mail Triage add-on
Managing customer emails with the Mail Triage add-on

Information on the Mail Triage app

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The Mail Triage application is a chargeable service offered by The Layer. Should you require any further details, please contact us.

Mail Triage brings all your customer emails together into a central location. This helps you make sure all emails are responded to, and reduces the chance of duplication of work

Accessing Mail Triage

Access the feature via the Apps button at the bottom of the screen.

You'll see the Triage Inbox. Click an email subject to view the message.

The Actions menu allows several actions to be performed.

Creating a case from Mail Triage

Selecting Create Case from the Actions menu will allow to to create a case, and will auto-populate a number of fields based on the email selected

The company name has been populated, as the sender's email address has been matched to a contact in this company record.

The email subject header has also been pulled through. The case owner will always default to the person logged in and creating the case. The case contact is taken from the sending email address. The body of the email is detailed in the description box.

These fields can all be amended and values overwritten if required.

Upon clicking Create Case you'll be asked if you want to open the case.

Hiding or restoring a message

Clicking Hide Message will remove the message from the inbox view.

You can also hide messages in bulk. This can be used in conjunction with the Subject search function to remove certain repeat messages.

Click Show Hidden in the top-right to display all previously-hidden messages.

You can Restore Message if required.

Hiding case response emails automatically from Mail Triage

After case creation, subsequent customer responses can cause clutter in the Mail Triage app.

It's possible to hide these by accessing Settings - Mail Agents.

Locate the mail agent assigned to Mail Triage. This address is indicated by a green tick in the Triage column.

Click on the mail agent, navigate to Mail Triage Options and check the Enable Case Reference Purge box. This will cause any emails with a case reference number in the address to be hidden from the Triage Inbox view. This will also stop the duplication of cases for when response emails come through to the triage address.

Ignoring specific senders

To exclude a specific sender from the Triage Inbox, select Ignore Sender from the Actions menu for that email.

Should you wish to review this list at any time you are able to access this by selecting the manage exceptions list.

To view all excluded senders, click Manage Exceptions.

Enter an address or partial address in the Match Pattern field and click Add Sender to add a new exception.

An exception can be removed with the X button.

Automatic responses

It's possible to configure automatic response to emails coming into the Mail Triage inbox. Please check this guide for details.

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