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Allocating stock to a sales order
Allocating stock to a sales order

You can use the Stock menu on a sales order to quickly check stock levels and allocate to the order

Written by Raymond Carrel
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Stock can be allocated to a sales order individually or in bulk.

This is done from the stock reservation view, which can be accessed from a sales order via the Stock menu as shown:

Here you will be able to scan items in via serial number or barcode.

There are a few options here.

Auto-allocate to order

Auto-allocation will allocate all products available in stock on FIFO (First In First Out) basis.

Remove Allocations

This will remove all allocations for the order.

Remove Reservations

If your customer decides to make changes to the products in the sales order, you can remove all reservations and then remove items from the sales order. You can then replace them with new products.


Increase the quantity of items you can view on the page

If you have an order with many products you can increase the number of items viewed on one page.

Check available stock

On the left-side of the screen, you can see if there is any Available Stock already booked in.

Use Filters

You can arrange your products by the ones that have not been allocated yet by clicking on the Allocated header.

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