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Placing stock on Allocation Hold
Placing stock on Allocation Hold

Products in stock may be placed on Allocation Hold, preventing them from being automatically allocated to sales orders

Written by Raymond Carrel
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Individual items in stock can be marked as on hold. This will exclude these items from being auto-allocated to sales orders, and remove them from the available count on sales order grids.

This is useful in the case of a faulty item being returned to you, as you would not want this item to be sent to another customer.

You may also wish to withhold items of a non-pristine grade, loan items, or items held in a specific warehouse.

Marking returned items as on hold

Delivered items can be registered for return from the Delivery Manager, which can be accessed from the related sales order.

Returned goods are confirmed as received from Stock - Stock Home - Returns.

When marking returned items as received, you will have the option to place them on hold.

Marking new stock as on hold

Stock can be designated as on hold at the time of booking in. Within a Stock Movement Delivery Session you can check the Allocation Hold box

Once booked in you can inspect an item and check or amend its hold status

Placing existing stock on allocation hold

Items can also be placed on hold by accessing the stock item directly, from the Stock Movements Manager or stock work stacks.

Stock Movements

Stock Work Stack

The On Hold column in a stock work stack will also show the status.

Stock item record

Inspecting the item will show the On Hold status, and allow you to change it.

Allocating held stock

Individual items that are on hold may be manually allocated to a sales order if the user has the Allocate On-Hold Stock user role.

You can view the specific allocations for a sales order from Stock - Reservations & Allocations (Order number).

From the Stock Reservations screen, select the + sign in the Stock Item column to view a list of available items in stock.

Users with the aforementioned role will see held included in this list, marked ON HOLD.

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